Young voices in the arcipelago


Presentation about Modern Open Youth Work

from the Academic conference on Open Youth Work 19-20/1 2017 in Viinius,

Chairperson: Sonja Pettersson

Vice chairperson: Sofia Lahtinen

Vice chairperson: Jacob Helin


Moa Rytterstedt

Emilia Engblom

Oskar Strand

Deputy board members:

Amanda Larsson

Alexandra Näfverborn

Taissija Pettersson

Viktor Thörnroos

Anna Sandberg

Caspian Boström               



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Director Mia Hanström

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Film from the lates Erasmus+ Youth exchange in Thessaloniki

SKUNK is an organisation that cares for the interests of youths in the Åland archipelago. The target group is 7-25 years old, but foremost for the ages 12-20.

The word “interest” has several meanings:

partly to guard the interests of the youths in the archipelago and

partly to strengthen, develop and organize extracurricular activities.

SKUNK is a youth organisation which builds on the youth’s own ideas. The organisation is mainly built on the idea that “young people lead young people”, but also on that the organisation involves competent adults for different purposes. SKUNK is lead by a board where the participants are between 16-20 years old.

SKUNK works for:

Improving the possibilities for the youths in the archipelago to engage in stimulating extra curricular and cultural activities

Strengthening the youths involvement and responsibility taking in issues relevant to themselves

Guarding the archipelago youth’s interests and strengthening the influence the youths have on the development of the archipelago

Changing how adults see the young people, so that they are seen as resources in society

Strengthening the community between youths from different parts of the archipelago, the rest of Åland and the whole world.

Supporting cooperation in different shapes to develop and expand young peoples possibilities for stimulating and interesting extracurricular activities with a starting point in the young peoples own ideas and participation.


Giving archipelago adolescents within different areas of interests better opportunities to exchange with adolescents within and without the archipelago

Continuously keeping a discussion about youth politics, youth culture, and the archipelago youth’s needs and desires

Taking initiative to projects that stimulates and develops youth work in the archipelago

Supporting and encourage societies and municipalities to organising activities for children and adolescents.

Cooperation between the archipelago minicipalities, organizations and other intereted in young people, give children and adolescents a greater range of activities and possibilites to get involved.

SKUNK’s main point is:

That active youth work in the archipelago gives greater opportunities for a living archipelago in the future. Adolescents are not the future, they are now and doeas therefore have a right to a stimulating life today. Adolescents who feel  that their ideas and initiatives are taken seriously and under consideration feel better and have a stronger belief in the future.